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Health insurance

Health Insurance: They are aimed at protecting people's health, providing coverage in medical and hospital care, both individually and collectively.

  • Basic Health Plan (PDSS): It is the basic coverage provided by the Dominican Social Security System, to all those employed persons who contribute through the Social Security Treasury. We advise on your coverage as stipulated in the Catalog of Benefits.
  • Local Complementary Plans: These are those plans that are added to the PDSS coverage, thus increasing the limits on the main ailments that may occur, as well as catastrophic illnesses.
  • Local and International Private Plans: Health plans with private coverage both in the Dominican Republic and internationally. These plans are designed with different modalities, and for the exterior with different coverage options, annual limits per case, as well as deductible options.
Life insurances
Individual & Collective

Life insurance is considered the primary insurance, to provide savings, security and continuity in every home, regardless of economic or social levels. This provides family protection, taking care of the later of the same in the event of the eventual physical disappearance or total or partial disability of a family member.

Personal accidents

It guarantees protection to people in the event of bodily injury caused by accidents that occur anywhere in the world or in the location indicated in the policy.

Travel insurance

Provides coverage against health problems or accidents that may occur during a period of travel previously scheduled with the insured.

Coverage insurance
  • Last Expenses
  • Ophthalmological
  • Dental

  • Air ambulance

Disease insurance

It provides coverage for high-risk diseases, whose treatments merit having large resources that generally damage the family economy.

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