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Condominium Insurance

Protects buildings and homes managed under the condominium regime against various risks that may affect buildings and common areas. There is the availability of the All Risk format, as an option to guarantee greater peace of mind to residents / tenants.

Business interruption

This policy compensates the company for the economic loss or income not received, due to the stoppage of the business as a result of accidents covered in the Fire and Allied Lines policy.

Vehicles / Transportation
  • Law Coverage: It is the minimum coverage required by Law 63-17 on Mobility, Transportation, Land Traffic and Road Safety, according to its article 216, for the purposes of minimally covering damages caused to third parties as consequences of accidents between vehicles involved.

  • Coverage with own damages: This is what is commonly called "Full Insurance", which covers both the damages to third parties required by law, as well as the damages caused to the insured vehicle.

  • Auto Excess: It is a recommended policy to increase the insured amounts of Civil Liability for damages caused to third parties.

Crystals and signs

Provides coverage for glass and signs against material damage or accidental breakage, including those caused as a result of the risks described.

Maritime vessels
It provides coverage for civil liability and damage to the boat's hull, including personal accidents for passengers and crew.
Specific insurance for
particular needs
  • Refrigerated goods

  • Hole in One Insurance

  • Cyber ​​Risks

  • Civil Liability Errors or Omissions

  • Terrorism and Sabotage


It covers the loss or material damage that the items described in the policy as of value may suffer, caused by fire, theft, theft and any other cause or loss.


They provide the necessary support to guarantee compliance with certain obligations. They constitute a guarantee assumed by a guarantor, who is unrelated to the debt or contract, who undertakes to compensate for the breach of the secured party. There are different modalities before which there are types of bonds:

  • Building

  • Tender or offer maintenance

  • Advance or advance

  • Faithful compliance or execution

  • Hidden vice

  • Customs

  • Supply

Fire & Allied Lines


This policy guarantees the recovery of the investment in properties, assets and real estate, for damages caused by accidental fires, or of the other coverages that make up this insurance branch:

  • Fire and / or Lightning

  • Earthquake and / or Earthquake

  • Hurricane, Cyclone, Tornado and Windsock

  • Water damage due to cyclone

  • Mutiny and Strike

  • Flood and / or Ras de Mar

  • Explosion

  • Smoke damage

  • Robbery with escalation and / or violence

  • Accidental water damage

  • Collapse and / or collapse of pallets

  • Indirect losses

  • Merchandise in transit

  • Removal of debris

  • Others…

Civil liability


Coverage for damage caused to

third parties as a consequence of

unintentional events of the insured.


It provides coverage against loss or damage caused by one or more employees to the company, whether due to embezzlement, fraud, breach of trust, theft of money, values ​​or property belonging to or for which, as an employer, it is responsible. At the same time, it protects the agreements of commercial forgery, theft and assault, inside and outside the premises.

Ground Transportation & Maritime
Intended to provide coverage for the damages that the merchandise may suffer, as a result of an accident that occurs with the merchandise in the vehicle that is transported, and during loading and unloading operations, whether by boat, plane or land.
All risk
  • Construction: Provides protection against the risks to which the work is exposed during its execution, regardless of the amount thereof.

  • Assembly: Covers the risks related to the assembly and disassembly of machines, devices and structures of a work and installation of machinery, as well as the losses that may be suffered as a result of unforeseen damages.

  • Contractors Equipment: Provides protection to all the machinery of a contractor against the events that may occur during their normal work.

  • Electronic Equipment: Provides coverage against damages that devices may suffer as a result of unforeseen accidents.

  • Machinery Breakdown: protection against technical damage or human failure in the handling and control of your machinery. Guarantees compensation for material damage that machinery may suffer unexpectedly, due to multiple factors, and that require repair, reimbursement or replacement of the same, such as power plants, boilers, compressors, water pumps, excluding short life equipment and machinery.

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